Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Social networking services are becoming more plentiful and more utilized daily. These services exist in order to allow social networks sharing a common interest the opportunity to stay connected. With so many websites that allow for these interactions, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone knowing all the options that are available.
There are many reasons to become involved in social networks. Several benefits of joining these networks include the following.
  • Connecting to existing friends and family members. Keeping in touch with those who are nearest and dearest can be difficult with the many essential activities from from day to day life. Social networks help us to keep in touch with one another with publicized updates on our personal lives and private message exchanges.
  • Building professional relationships. Finding other professionals to compliment your abilities has never been easier. Many social networking websites allow for searching by trade and skill set.
  • Locating local business resources. Business profiles have become very popular in social networking websites. Finding a business to suit your needs by location or specialty is just one benefit of such services.
  • Marketing cheaply and effectively. Most social networks provide the opportunity to include your business name, details and contact information. By creating a business profile, individuals and business alike will have yet another way of finding you, typically for free.
The following list includes my recommendations of social networking websites that will be most beneficial in your networking efforts. The list is broken into three categories.
  1. Personal contact management websites. These websites provide the best opportunities for connecting existing friend and family contacts. While these sites also offer opportunities for connecting with business professionals, they are primarily focused on personal aspects.
  2. Business networking websites. These websites are meant to assist you in connecting with business contacts, new and old alike. Many are structured in such a way that they can be used as customer relationship management (CRM) tools.
  3. Cultural trends networking websites. Websites in this category can be utilized in understanding the current trends and fashions. This can potentially help in understanding where to focus your efforts in the business world.

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