Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Favorite games

I’m a day later than I anticipated, but I completed my first Facebook application:  Perhaps the best way to summarize this application is to include what I wrote in the about page.
Track your favorite video games with Favorite Games! Let your friends know what games you’re playing, want to play, or have already finished. Your games are displayed in a clean, compact box in your profiles for your friends to see.
Check out each game’s page for trailers and gamplay videos, user ratings and reviews, and a link to Amazon in case you decide you want to buy it.
If you’re thinking about buying a new game, just take a look at the “Most Popular Games” page. This page tracks games those that are highest rated, most played, and most favorited.
Getting started is easy! Just add Favorite Games to your profile, then click the “Add Games” button in the application.
In the process of learning to program with the Facebook Platform, I soon learned that there is not much information beyond what’s available within the Facebook Developer’s Wiki. Unfortunately, the amount of information available here is limited, and some of it is outdated or deprecated. As such, I was inspired to create Facebook Developer, a website where I plan on sharing tutorials, code snippets, marketing and monetization strategies, application reviews, and much more.
As part of my efforts in working to make Facebook Developer the best site in its niche, I included a much more in-depth review of Favorite Gamesthat can be read there.
I’m very interested in receiving comments, questions, and criticism on both Favorite Games and Facebook Developer. My goal is to make both of these the best that I can. And, with you being the end user, it’s mutually beneficial for me to provide what you’re looking for. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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