Senin, 01 Maret 2010

How to Easily Increase Blog Traffic?

I'm sure you'll agree with me if I say that increasing traffic is the way to increase our AdSense earning. The mMore traffics means the more chances to get bigger earning . The problem is, how to increase traffic?

'Old crack' netters understands that the answer is to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO could be done by putting some HTML codes to web template or using a software to place a web on the top of searching result list. Is it effective? It's interesting when webmasters say s different opinion about it. SEO for most of them is very helpful, but some webmasters says the SEO contribution isn't too maximal and below 10% of their traffic increasing. Which one is the right opinion? Don't think about it. Here I'll show you another techniques to increase your traffic.

Actually, there are some other techniques that can be used to increase traffic. But before explaining more, I think 'technique' isn't the right word for it, so let me write it using the simpler one; 'way(s)'. The most interesting point is no skill or knowledge needed to apply these ways except reading and computing. So, the blogger newbie without programming skills and even the internet newcomers can do it in a second after completely reading this article. What's that?

First, blog walking. It's easy. Just visit other's blog and leave a message including a link to yours on their guest book or chat box. Don't be hurry to close the blog after sending your message. Look at the other visitors messages then click the links one by one. A guest book normally store up to 10 messages. It means you have 9 blogs more to visit from a guest book. Visit them and leave a message to their guest book, keep doing this 'till you feel (get) bored. J Off course you should have a guest book on your blog first, so the blog owners you visited couldan leave their message when they visit you back. Don't have a guest book? Go to, or and take one for free.

Second, link exchanges. The more blogs link to yours using a keyword that match to your blog keyword, the better position you get on search engines. So, never reject any link exchanges offers that come to you (can be also: are offered 2u). Make a special column on your sidebar to place the exchanged links and named it as "Links", My Friends" or something similar. To get your own button to be displayed on another blog, visit to make a standard tiny 80x15 pixels button. It's-of course, for free.

Third, set your blog address as an email signature, so you could promote it with the email you send to a friends. Your friends will be excited attracted to your blog and directly click the URL address to see how your blog looks like. But remember, never send an email to strangers. That's SPAM and SPAM is the cyber crime! Promote your blog with ethics and morals, so you'll get both good response and respect.

Fourth, submit to free ads site. There are so many free ads sites, optimize it to popularize your blog through free ads. Just ask Mr. Google to search those sites using keyword "free ads" or some words similar. And the last, try to promote your blog to friends using short message service (SMS). It's an effective method to promote something directly to the 'targeted' person, so just try it.

Do those ways work? Honestly, I can't give you a guarantee. The result may vary depending on your effort. At least, those 'techniques' are working to with my blog, I only need to spare 20-30 minutes a day to visit at least 30 blogs, and Jogja-Inside traffic reached 1000 hits in two weeks. Now, its daily hit is more than 100, good hit result for a new blog. Believe it or not, you'll only know learn by applying it to yours. I Wish U luck!

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