Senin, 01 Maret 2010

JUST comparing each other, a web is very similar to a store. There are many stores around us. Some stores have many customers and growing up day by day. And most stores are going into bankruptcy and finally closed forever.

That different ending depends on many factors. The first one could be its location, does it located on a strategic place or not? Then, the other factor is product-storing or ‘lay-out’. A spacious store with good product-storing/lay-out gives more comfort and also convenience to their visitors. It’ll affect to the return visitors that could turn to be a loyal customer. Meanwhile, a store on the strategic location wouldn’t get any visitor by ignoring its punctuality. Location is the important thing, but excellent service is the real factor. Customer comfort is included.

What else? Product may be the next factor. I mean the kind of product; primary daily needs like rice, bread, sugar and vegetables or the supplementary products. A store selling the first one would be busier than the store displaying the second. It’s quite important to decide what kind of product to be sold when planning a store because choose a product is choose the customers. Identify your customer by choosing the right product to your store.

How about a website? I think it’s idem ditto. Location is the same point to the web specification. A website with specific contents will be easier found by netters all around the world through search engine than a general-niche website. Lay-out off course the most important factor to a website to get traffic. It includes the colors combination, text font and size or the navigation bars. And the product for a website is the quality of its content. We could find many website about online earning tips, but netters will only pay full attention to the website with high quality contents.

What are the things to keep in mind when building a website? First, theme of topic of contents. Chose a topic depend on your own hobby or something you like to do. It’s very important, especially for blogging website that should be updated periodically. Many bloggers have no idea what to write next and finally stop blogging after choosing a topic without enough knowledge about it. Most of AdSense publishers used to chose a topic base on the high paying keyword (HPK) and ignore their own ability on the topic. If you are a smart learner, just keep go on. But if you are not, just chose a topic depend on your academic background or your hobby. It’s easier to talking and writing about something we like to.

Second, what language to be used? To reach more visitors all around the world you must write in English. Try to write in English, but you don’t have to do that. If your English is not good enough, just write in your native language while learning to write in english. Please notice that the most important thing is the quality. It’ll be much better to write a simple article that could be understood by your readers than press yourself to write in English but nobody can understand what do you want to say.

Third, be focus. Don’t be hurry to build more websites at the same time. Focus yourself on one website first. When your first website grow up and well-established, you could start building the second, third or even the twentieth. Well-established means that your website has good traffic and stable. Remember that traffic is the life of a website. Without traffic, a website can do nothing but becoming an online rubbish. I’m sure you won’t spend your time to manage a website that never been visited. Am I wrong?

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