Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

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So by now everyone must know that Text-Link-Ads (TLA) has all but disappeared from Google. Does that mean that text link selling services should quit and give up, or does it mean that there is an open spot for market leader?
TNX.net is hoping for the latter!
This new text link marketplace seemed to appear out of thin air but now boasts a link inventory of over 30 million! That’s pretty serious, especially when you think about the 10,000 or so odd links being added each hour.
I couldn’t help but sign-up after reading reviews on some of the “make money online” blogs.
This is what sealed the deal: When PR hasn’t updated for months, there are a lot of good pages still ranked as a PR0. So these links, which in actuality could have reached PR3, maybe PR5, are really cheap! You can join TNX and buy hundreds or thousands of links on “PR0″ pages that have tons of Yahoo backlinks for clearance sale prices!

(It’s easy to do, just buy links according to Yahoo backlinks and ignore the PR.)
Plus, link inventory is hidden for security, the points system makes buying links pretty cheap, and they’re nice enough to give out a bunch of free bonuses.
Did I mention their system tries to set-up your campaign legitimately so it doesn’t look like link spam? That’s pretty sweet, and shows how smart the people behind TNX are. (Granted you can still screw things up if you’re stupid, but they try to help out.)
They really make link buying awesome. The more I buy, the more I like it. :D
I figured I’d test the ‘link selling’ part too. (That’s on one of my smaller sites, not here, of course.) It’s pretty simple to add the code to your page, but it’s still over 100 lines of PHP code… I’m worried there’s some sort of “footprint” in there making it easy to spot. I’ll get back to you on that part after some testing.
[*Update* I'm pretty sure that, whether or not TNX does leave a footprint, Google has some way to detect it.]
But overall it looks good on both sides. I could see myself using this a little bit and possibly recommending it.
Get your links (and sell your links) at TNX.net.
Bonus hint: Remember the tip about getting good links from PR0 sites with lots of backlinks? Well, those are the only sites I bought links from. Don’t fall in the trap of “well I’m not sure about PR0, so I’ll get the PR1 links.” The PR1 sites probably aren’t that great, I mean, they only got a 1. But the PR0 pages could be on their way to a PR5 once the PR update finally hits.

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