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SEO/Text Link Advertising (All Niches Available) - Related Ads Only Please - Package Deals / Individual Sites
We operate several websites (Name a niche...:)) and we have advertising space available on quite a few of them. To name a few, I am listing some broader niches. For exact matches for your text link advertising requirements, email me your niches or website URL and I will match them with what I have and we will go from there.

  1. Law/Legal
  2. Real Estate/Apartments/Movers
  3. Travel/Vacation/Holiday/Cruise/Hotels
  4. Credit/Finance/Stock Trading/Business/Forex
  5. Baby/Pregnancy/Women/Health/Baby Names
  6. Pet/Dog/Cat/Horse/Parrot/Hamsters/Chihuahua/Pet Names/Pet Supplies
  7. Furniture/Home Decor/Furnishings/Kitchen Remodelling
  8. Dental/Dentist/Teeth Whitening
  9. Beauty/Cosmetics/Spa/Hair Salons/Tanning
  10. Health/Acai Berry/Aging/Skin Care/Medicine/Nutrients/Yoga/Vitamins/Wrinkles/Aromatherapy
  11. Ice cream/Sandwich/Coffee/Chocolates/Food/Pies/Chocolate Fountain/Cookies/Recipes/Pasta/Bread/Wine/Beer/Organic Food 
  12. Web Hosting/Website Design/CSS Templates/Wordpress Themes/Webmaster Directory/Joomla
  13. Christmas/Halloween/Holidays/Holiday Decorating Ideas
  14. Education/Distance Learning/Home Schooling/Learn French/Language Translation
  15.  Mesothelioma/Parkinsons/Diabetes/Asbestos/Healthy Living/Medical/Medicine/Doctors
  16. CGI/Perl Mongers/Commercial Services/E-zines/Event Planning/Limo Booking/Magazines
  17. NaturalDisasters/Disaster Hazards/ Earthquake/Tsunami/Volcanoes/Disaster Recovery/Floods
  18.  Investment/Stock Investment/Visa/Immigration
  19. Wedding Dance/ Dance Lessons/Dance Coach/Bridal Supplies/Anniversary Gifts/Favors
  20.  Valentines Day, Gifts for Loved one's, Flowers, Red Roses, Valentines Gifts.
Believe Me, these are just a handful of niches I have. If I missed something, chances are I got tired of typing. Drop me a message and let me see what I have.
Next Steps: Drop me a message here via PM or email me at seogirlonline@gmail.com and I will send you what I have related to the niches you need.
SEO Companies/SEO Agencies are welcome as well for their bulk purchases.

Spaces Available:

Link will be placed wherever you want so as to get you max. SEO benefits. Thanks all for the wonderful response and business.. Keep mailing/messaging :)

Payment Terms:

Payment via Paypal or Credit Card/eCheck via 2Checkout.

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