Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

About Conspiracy of the Rich

“Readers that enjoyed Ron Pauls’ recent “End the Fed” will be delighted by the straight-forward discussion about the status of the government, Fed and more in this recent book.”–

“Because of [Robert’s] platform and fame, he really is exposing himself to risk on this one. He’s really connecting the dots. I’m sure those in control will not appreciate this being in the mainstream.” –

“If you care at all about where our economy is headed, than this book is for you! Buy it right away!” –

“I wish everyone would read this book for the amazing information it contains. The book is full of very helpful, insightful, and practical advice.” –

“Rich Dad’s Conspiracy of the Rich is a must read for every American. It is clearly written and explains the financial world in an easy to understand format.” –

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