Senin, 01 Maret 2010

SEO Services
Scottsdale SEO Agency offers professional SEO and SEM services to help draw potential customers to your business by promoting common search terms that satisfy the goals needed by your business or being, assisting your rank and positioning within search engine results pages.
Specifically, Scottsdale SEO Agency follows a 7-step process to optimize your website and improve search engine rankings. Keyword and competitor analysis is performed to determine what terms will draw the most visitors to your website. On-site and off-site optimization are performed to ensure optimal keywords are utilized in order to establish contextual relevancy of the website and build quality external links, respectively. Finally, Scottsdale SEO goes the extra mile in tracking results through detailed reporting and monitoring in order to account for any weaknesses and ensure top results position.

SEO Resources
In addition to providing professional SEO and SEM services, Scottsdale Marketing offers a collection of free resources, case studies, and SEO and SEM myths. Their most recent addition, though, is their SEO Guide.
This thorough SEO Guide offers a series of 5 lessons, each of which can be applied to your own website or blog thanks to the simplification of complex SEO concepts that are put forth within. The guide begins by explaining the key factors in SEO, what determines a web page’s position with search engine results, and why you should want your website’s to rank at the top of search engines for certain keywords and key phrases.
The following lessons provide insight into on-site and off-site optimization. The on-site SEO lesson includes an in-depth look at how to discover what keywords should be used consistently throughout your website and what HTML components should be considered in designing and organizing a site for optimal results. The off-site SEO lesson explains why it’s important to build links, utilize social media websites, blog for business, and publish press releases.
The fourth lesson delves into the benefits of SEM and PPC marketing to capture additional visitors. Information covered includes advertising locations, costs, benefits, and drawbacks.

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